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Move Now, Pay Later:
Flexible Financing for Your Move

A Smart Choice for Every Move, Especially Renters

Transitioning to a new home comes with expenses, whether you’re a homeowner or a renter. However, for renters juggling costs like deposits and the first month’s rent, managing finances becomes especially crucial. Our collaboration with Affirm offers an efficient way to handle these moving expenses. Embrace the luxury of a professional move with Majesty Moving and spread your costs in a manner that complements your financial landscape.

1. Secure Your Estimate

Kick off with a comprehensive estimate from Majesty Moving. This detailed breakdown will inform and guide your financing selections.

2. Quick Checkout

Using your estimate as a reference, pick the fitting pre-move credit amount. Should you need to integrate additional boxes or packing supplies, seamlessly add them to your online basket.

3. Local Delivery

Upon finalizing your order, proceed to checkout. Be sure to select ‘Affirm’ as your payment method. Navigate through the intuitive prompts, and allocate your moving expenses over a timeframe that aligns with your budget. With Affirm by your side, experience a move that’s as financially savvy as it is smooth.